Welcome to Tucker Chiropractic Center in Langhorne, Bucks County, PA.  To optimize your health, we tailor make a customized treatment plan for you by addressing your physical, chemical and emotional stress.   No matter what your injury may be, our unique approach to treating the root cause of your health problems may provide wellness solutions you have not yet had.  To help you improve your quality of life and achieve your goals we offer chiropractic care, massage therapy, physiotherapy modalities, weight loss, exercise, lifestyle management, nutraceutical grade supplements and x-ray imaging under one roof.

We offer treatment for all of the following:

Back ProblemsNeck Pain
Body Fat ReductionPinched Nerve
Disc ProblemsSciatica
HeadachesScoliosis Correction
Herniated Disc InjuryShoulder Pain
Hip, Knee, Ankle, & Foot ProblemsSpinal Problems
Lower Back PainSports Injuries
MigrainesUpper Back Pain
Muscle Aches, Sprains and StrainsWhiplash

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Whiplash/Auto Accident

Multiple Sclerosis/Sciatica

Back Pain/Numbness/Tingling

Stress/Mid-Back/Low-Back Pain

Neck Pain/Arm Pain

Disc Herniation/Sciatica

Arm and Leg Pain Treatment

Arm and Leg Pain Treatment

Pain that radiates to the shoulder and arms or hips and legs is usually do to nerve impingement in the spine.  We can help treat and relieve your arm and leg pain by investigating the cause of the nerve impingement.  Chiropractic care restores normal function and alignment to the spine which helps relieve nerve compression.
Headache Treatment

Headache Treatment

Most headache sufferers have dysfunction in the neck even if there is no neck pain.  It may be fixated vertebra, referred nerve pain or muscle spasm.  We take a focused approach to headache relief, choosing the appropriate combination of therapies.
Neck and Back Pain Treatment

Neck and Back Pain Treatment

Neck and back pain can stem from many different possible causes, it's best to see a doctor who has experience with treating the underlying cause of the pain not solely masking the symptoms.  Misalignment's in the spine can irritate nerves and cause the bone and disc to degenerate, which may lead to pain.  Chiropractic can help treat neck and back pain safely.