Quite often patients in Chiropractic offices report ancillary benefits to care.  They may initially report to the Chiropractor seeking relief from neck pain, back pain or something of the sort, however find other benefits with care.  Some notice improved digestion, better breathing, improved sleep or even less likely to come down with the common cold.

Since the nervous system which regulates all bodily function is housed the spine, it is logical to think there would be improved overall health with improved nerve flow.  All other body systems including the immune system are controlled by the nervous system.  Chiropractic philosophy has always promoted the premises of improving communication from above down, inside out via the spinal adjustment enhancing neurology.

Recent studies have shown increased phagocytic activity with Chiropractic treatment to the upper thoracic spine.  Phagocytes are cells that protect the body by ingesting harmful foreign particles, bacteria, and dead or dying cells.  The study noted the difference when comparing a fake Chiropractic treatment to one with a genuine impulse to the spine with a certain threshold.

Another study revealed improved T cell counts in a population of HIV patients after treating their neck with Spinal Adjustments.  The T cell counts (aka CD4) count is like a snapshot of how well your immune system is functioning. CD4 cells are white blood cells that fight infection. The more you have, the better. Certain immune comprising diseases will destroy T cell counts.  If Chiropractic care can improve immune function in such immune compromised patients, one can presume it can definitely help healthier patients with overall immune function.

To avoid getting sick, continue with certain lifestyle habits; like exercise, good nutrition/vitamins and getting plenty of sleep, but you might also want to start including regular Chiropractic check ups!


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