Our clinic Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals (PRN)developed fish oils has been awarded a U.S. Patent for its unique omega-3 composition.  The Patent No. 9,115,078 “”Compositions for Improving the Quality of the Meibum Composition of Inflamed or Dysfunctional Meibomian Glands.”

Scientific studies have shown omega-3 fatty acids as a nutritional benefit to maintain good health throughout the body.  The thing is many fish oils are NOT the same.  There are some very cheap oils on the market but they are not providing the health benefits one would expect.  Also, our office uses PRN fish oil which doesn’t repeat on you , burping up the fishy taste all day.

A recent study positively assessed the effect of the company’s oral resterified triglyceride omega-3 fatty acids for patients with occasional dry eye symptoms, including dryness, itching, burning, blurry vision and sensitivity to light.  When there is imbalance of the ratio of healthy fats, the meibum becomes inflamed and oil becomes thick which can result in blocking of the meibomian glands.

If you are having challenges with dry eyes, it might be something worth investigating as it may just help.

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