Many athletes undergo repetitive trauma, not just tearing soft tissue and altering joint mechanics, but leaving undetected nerve damage that can cause both short and long term damage.  All NFL teams have a Chiropractor, but athletes at all levels should be getting regular check ups for both performance enhancement naturally, as well as screenings for the more aggressive contact sports.  Chiropractic checks up should start at a young age to detect any areas of nerve irritation as early as possible.


Jim McMahon, Bears Champion quarterback had shared his battle with the media regarding memory loss, neck pain, headaches, and the early stages of dementia, brought on by concussions he sustained during his NFL career.

“Sometimes, he would stay in his room and lie on his back in the dark because the pain in his head was so excruciating. At his darkest moments a few years ago, when it was just about too much to handle, the former Chicago Bears quarterback thought about killing himself. “I am glad I don’t have any weapons in my house or else I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be here,” McMahon said. “It got to be that bad.””

As many other patients battling pain, Jim McMahon was addicted to prescription medication.  He had began non surgical treatments to ween off the pills, and also began seeing a Chiropractor in New York.  His regular spinal alignments have helped him get long wanted relief!

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