Chiropractic is one of the safest professions in the health care arena, however many patients who have never had a spinal check up by a Doctor of Chiropractic would not know this.  Chiropractic has become well known for its management of musculoskeletal disorders and cost efficiency, but many people have had the curiosity of what a typical visit to a Chiropractic Clinic would entail.  In many cases, patients fraught with pain, have avoided such a check up due to improper concerns about risks.   The initial visit in many clinics would encompass a detailed consultation, examination and objective testing, as it would in many medical settings.  Quite often Chiropractic Clinic will have Spinal EMG, Thermal Scans, X-ray machines or other testing protocols to help produce an accurate diagnosis of the patients conditions.  With such an understanding, a careful treatment plan can be provided for the patient.  Now the treatment itself will not only be specific but gentle.  Chiropractic care is non invasive and works on restoring normal mechanics to joints that were designed to move well.  There are also an array of treatments from traditional to very low force techniques as not everyone qualifies for the same treatment.  Patients who have had treatment tend to yield remarkable satisfaction rates, all in all contributing to notion of how safe the profession is.  But at the end of the day the assessment of safety is most valid when coming from Malpractice Insurance Companies.  The statistic that will validate Chiropractic Safety, is  that Doctors of Chiropractic pay the least amount of malpractice insurance relative to most of their counterparts in the medical and health care arena.  The reason is not that insurance companies love Chiropractic more than any other profession, rather that the data reveals patients do not litigate against Chiropractic treatment often.  This speaks to the great safety of Chiropractic and is probably the clearest testimony for this concern.  Hence, every patient who has been plagued with spinal dysfunction and pain should start with a check up at a Chiropractic office as it will most likely be their safest health care visit of the year!

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