The following bullets are some of the main causes of low back pain or injury:

Obesity: the extra pounds puts extra strain/compression on the back

Improper lifting:Most injuries happen with bending and twisting motions/flexion rotation injuries

Poor Posture: wears on the spinal structures resulting in gradual degenerative changes to the spine

Improper sleeping positioning: either sleeping improperly on your side or belly (ask a Chiropractor for proper positioning) or on a mattress with poor support that causes the spine to deviate from normal position

Structural imbalances: misalignment’s in the spine make your joints work harder to support you and predisposes you to injury. Over time these misalignment’s will cause early onsite of arthritis and potentially impinge nerves

Over-use or excessive one sided activities: attempting to balance out repetitive duties can minimize strain to joints and soft tissue


back pain

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