Modern High-Tech Adjusting Instruments

There are numerous tools used by doctors of chiropractic to help them take better care of their patients. Adjusting instruments are specific tools used by chiropractors to work on the spine, the extremities, and even the muscles. At our practice we use a few different adjusting instruments.


Free Community Workshop-Get BETTER, Faster!

On Thursday January 23rd, Tucker Chiropractic Center will be hosting a free workshop to help patients accelerate healing and get better results faster. Dr. Tucker will address three root causes of health issues that are often overlooked. If you are currently dealing with neck, shoulder, back


Yard-work & Bending Techniques

It’s that time of year again and you may have added leaf cleanup to your list of chores to do. Also, snow will be visiting us again soon, and you will have to be ready. Maybe you dread these chores because of your recurring back pain. Maybe in past years you’ve hurt your back doing [&hel


3 Exercises To Avoid A Humpback

When it comes to looking good and moving freely, we think of someone with good posture that is moving well and staying well. On the contrary when someone looks ill or in pain one may associate some postural issue, like a large upper back hump. Medically, this rounding is known as a Dowager&#


I Didn’t See The Flashing Lights…Just Like Symptoms

I was pulled over and given a ticket for the first time in my life recently. I was pulled over for going 30 mph in a school zone (regular speed limit is 25). When the officer asked me if I knew what I did wrong, I was sincerely clueless. I fumbled out the words, “No, […]


A Secret To Avoiding Recurring Back Pain And Spasm

You drop your phone and find yourself looking down and staring at it for a bit of time, pondering your next best action. Do you risk another flare up of your low back pain and just go for it? After all, just two months ago you had another bout of low back pain when you […]