Acid Reflux-Natural Treatment

Acid Reflux medications have been increasing in sales over the years however have been linked to many problems. Millions of people now take prilosec or nexium for even mild heartburn. These proton pump inhibitors(PPI) have been linked to a rising risk for a number of serious health issues, such as chronic kidney disease, alzheimer’s disease, pneumonia, dementia, osteoporosis, hip fractures, heart disease, and heart attacks. All of these severe risks while the solution is sometimes more simple than one might think.  If someone is eating highly processed foods there can be an increase in acid production, but adding chemicals such as PPI drugs isn’t the healthiest long term solution.

Unfortunately once someone goes on these drugs they tend to be put on forever.  Often the patient isn’t aware of the side effects and thinks if the symptoms are better it gives them a continued excuse to eat poorly.  Now for some people is may not be diet induced.  Stress can be a factor and often determine the state of hormone production may be a consideration.  Now for others it may be a physical problem.  Too often the nervous system is overlooked.  If there is nerve irritation in the midback which controls the flow of nerve supply to the stomach, there may be a challenge in the organ function neurologically. In this case, things like injuries, bad posture, shoulder pain, may all be contributing factors that there is a nerve issue.  Here is where a physical solution like Chiropractic care may be the answer.  Too often in our society people are strictly presented chemical treatments.  But in many cases there are physical obstructions that may resolve organ issues like Acid Reflux.  If someone has been dealing with unresolving stomach challenges, maybe its not a lack of drugs in your system causing it.