Misconceptions about Chiropractic

There tends to be many misunderstandings when it relates to Chiropractic Care.

3 common misconceptions are addressed here:

Does chiropractic hurt?
1) Chiropractic is one of the safest health care professions out there, PERIOD! Ask the malpractice insurance carriers, what’s the cost relative to other fields. The best metric to observe, is that Chiropractic premiums are so low, and this is due to the fact that occurrence of incidence is so low with Chiropractic. Chiropractors treat a spectrum of patients from newborns to geriatrics, safely.

Why should you go if you are feeling well?
2) You choose your goals and how to use Chiropractic. If pain relief is it, then when you achieve that goal you are discharged from care and return someday when things flare up again, simply treating when there is pain.  Otherwise, some people opt to maintain their spine and stay functioning well, to prevent pain.  This is similar to what one might do with their teeth at a dentist, or their muscles at a gym. The patient must determine their own goals!

What if my MD says not to go to a Chiropractor?
3) MDs are integrating more with Chiropractors then ever before, although more co-management is definitely needed in health care. It’s shocking when patients present to us after they have tried everything else as a last resort, when conservative Chiropractic should have been their first option. But ultimately, Chiropractors are portal of entry physicians that do not need “permission” to be seen. Asking your general physician to see if you should go to a Chiropractor for your spine, is like asking a Chiropractor if you should have your primary doctor listen to your lungs during an exam. We each have our own specialty.  Chiropractors specialize in the spine and nervous system.

Reference our 3 doctors discuss this topic in a video link below: