Modern High-Tech Adjusting Instruments

There are numerous tools used by doctors of chiropractic to help them take better care of their patients. Adjusting instruments are specific tools used by chiropractors to work on the spine, the extremities, and even the muscles. At our practice we use a few different adjusting instruments.
One of our most used adjusting instruments is called the Impulse.

The Impulse Adjusting Instrument was designed and developed by a chiropractor, an engineer, and a neurosurgeon. The Impulse allows us to provide a safe and effective chiropractic adjustment that feels a bit different than a traditional adjustment. Patients typically describe the adjustment as gentle and very comfortable.

There are 3 different power settings on the Impulse that allows us to properly handle misalignment’s in all regions of the spine. The versatility of the Impulse also allows us to adjust young and old patients alike. Adjustments are achieved through single or multiple high speed taps or “impulses” in a specific direction to correct “stuck” bones or joints.

Good candidates for Impulse adjusting include:

1-Patients with extreme sensitivity (especially to pressure)
2-Patients with severe joint degeneration (arthritis)
3-Post surgical cases (e.g. discectomy, laminectomy, spinal fusion)
4-Patients with severe muscle spasm
5-Patients with osteoporosis
6-Infants and young children
7-Patients who don’t respond to traditional adjustment techniques
8-Patients who fear traditional adjusting techniques

People with extreme sensitivity, with spasms, or who typically tighten up right when a traditional adjustment is being done can be great candidates for Impulse adjusting. The “tap” delivered by the Impulse is so fast, that the muscles can’t respond quick enough to lock things up. Therefore the adjustment can be done comfortably.

Because no twisting of the spine or heavy pressure is necessary to perform the adjustment with the Impulse, post-surgical patients are able to be adjusted safely. The patient simply lies in a prone position while the adjustment is performed comfortably.

Children make great candidates for Impulse adjusting because the “impulse” can be delivered quickly even if a child is squirming around a bit. With interchangeable styluses, a single tip can be used with Impulse to provide a safe and specific way to adjust even the tiny bones of a baby.

Are you a chiropractic chicken? Do you prefer an adjustment without any twisting, turning, pushing or popping? Or do you dislike the pressure of a traditional chiropractic adjustment? Then the Impulse Adjusting instrument may be perfect for you.

With either traditional adjusting or instrument adjusting, the end result is the same…a healthier spine and body with less nerve interference.

Ultimately, we communicate with each of our patients and will use adjustment techniques that are both comfortable and effective in each specific case.

If you have any questions about instrument adjusting, feel free to drop by the office or call us any time. We are here to serve and would be honored to speak with you and be a part of your ongoing journey to better natural health.

Ken Goldman, DC