Chiropractor Yardley PA

The Best Chiropractor near Yardley PA

Are you searching for the best chiropractor near Yardley PA? With hundreds of practitioners functioning in the area, selecting the best chiropractor for Yardley PA is not easy and is not some bizarro world (yes that is a Seinfeld reference). That is why you should be doing extensive research on the credentials of the practitioner and his or her reputation in the region when shopping for the best chiropractor near Yardley PA. That is where Tucker Chiropractic Center close to Yardley PA comes in handy. Here is why you should choose Tucker Chiropractic Center close to Yardley PA for all your body aches and injuries to maintain optimal health at our optimal health center.

Chiropractor Yardley PA

Dr. Tucker looks forward to assisting you and your loved ones overcome pain, discomfort, and improve your health and well-being through optimal musculoskeletal and neurological function. Their non-surgical, drug-free, hands-on approach represents the ultimate in state of the art care – all of them serving the highest goal of helping the patient feel better fast. If you are on the lookout for drug-free and non-surgical treatments for back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, whiplash from car accidents, sciatica, headaches, and sports injuries, you have come to the right place. Dr. Tucker and his team are renowned for their continuous service to Yardley PA for many years using the state of the art tools and treatment methods. That is why they are highly regarded as one of the best chiropractic care centers in the region.

The clinic is open Monday: 9:45 AM – 1:00 PM / 2:45 PM – 7:00 PM Tuesday: 2:45 PM – 7:00 PM Wednesday: 9:45 AM – 1:00 PM / 2:45 PM – 7:00 PM Thursday:  2:45 PM – 7:00 PM Friday: 9:45 AM – 1:00 PM / 2:45 PM – 6:00 PM. The clinic provides safe, effective, and non-surgical treatments to a wide variety of health problems such as:

  • Herniated discs
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Degenerative joint conditions such as osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis
  • Sciatica, arm pain, leg pain, and all other effects of nerve impingement
  • Back and neck pain due to acute injuries or chronic conditions
  • Whiplash from car accidents
  • Sport injuries
  • Shoulder pain

Tucker Chiropractic Center near Yardley PA uses cutting-edge diagnostic tools as well as treatment modalities for complete health of their patients. Your first visit to the clinic is very important. Here is what you should expect on your first visit to the clinic:

  • As soon as you enter the clinic, you will have to fill some brief paperwork. The paperwork is important since it provides some basic information about yourself, your condition, and medical history. You should bring your insurance card since some insurance plans will have their own paperwork.
  • Once the paperwork is completed, you will have a consultation with one of the doctors. They will discuss your conditions, health concerns, and treatment modalities.
  • Your medical history will be discussed in order to determine the actual condition and your health goals. Then, a number of medical tests will be performed in order to determine the issues affecting you and to what extent.
  • If your condition requires an x-ray, the doctors will be able to use digital imaging on site and save you another trip to the hospital. The x-ray is studied to assist you to get the most effective chiropractic treatment plan for your condition.
  • The patient is provided with his/her first day’s treatment once all the tests and examinations are completed. The treatments may include chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue therapies, and physical therapies.
  • If your condition doesn’t respond to chiropractic care, the clinic will refer you to the specialists that can help you get rid of the condition.
  • Prior to leaving the clinic, the patient gets instructions on how he or she should conduct him/herself at home.
  • There may be certain activities or additional treatments such as ice/heat therapy that they should conduct at home.
  • You will be given the next appointment at a date that is convenient for both you and the clinic. Usually, patients are seen within 1-2 days and provided with a complete review and findings on your condition.

Tucker Chiropractic Center is located in Bucks County and should be considered your chiropractor near Yardley PA and is geared to providing premier health and preventative chiropractic healthcare to their patients in the region. The team focuses on excellence in care at all times providing holistic care as the center for chiropractic care servicing Yardley Pennsylvania, Langhorne, Oxford Valley, Newtown Pa and Fairless Hills. That is why they are regarded as one of the best chiropractic care facilities in the region. The center uses a wide range of therapeutic modalities to satisfy the needs of their patients in the area. Here are some of the most effective non-invasive therapeutic modalities practiced by them.

  • Traction Therapy – Helps distract joints in order to facilitate proper alignment of the joints.
  • Massage Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Electric Muscle Stimulation
  • Cryotherapy (Ice)
  • Superficial Heat Therapy
  • Exercise Therapy and functional fitness training
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Back braces
  • Wellness Program

You will find our Yardley PA chiropractor to be a highly caring, skilled, and experienced practitioner with a genuine need to help patients in the area. Dr. Tucker has been practicing in the region for many years and helped thousands of patients to improve their overall health and well-being. That is why the clinic is rated as one of the best chiropractic care facilities near Yardley PA and is close to Newtown PA, Fairless Hills. Visit our clinic to see if we are a good fit for your needs. We are happy to diagnose your condition and discuss all details of your care. Visit our website to make an appointment right now – http://www.DrDavidTucker.com. You can call 215-750-8006 and request an appointment. Directions can be found, here.