Dr. Ken Goldman

Tucker Chiropractic Center
Adjusting Doctor
Dr Goldman began his chiropractic education with his pre-chiropractic requirements at the University of Delaware. There his studies emphasized the basic science courses such as chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, along with basic physiology and anatomy courses. After completing his course of study there, he was accepted at Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Courses included biochemistry, a major emphasis on anatomy and human physiology, x-ray, diagnosis, philosophy, chiropractic adjusting techniques and patient care in the Pennsylvania College Clinic. Dr. Goldman graduated in 1992, went into private practice, and continues to provide wellness care to his community to this day. Since graduation from chiropractic college, Dr Goldman has received specialized training in whole-body adjusting, physical rehabilitation, core stabilization techniques, and nutrition.  Over the years he has completed courses in chiropractic research, core-stabilization, extremity adjusting, physical rehabilitation, MRI, x-ray, orthotics, myofascial release, nutrition, sports injuries and special care for pregnant women and children.
“I smile when I see hope restored to my patients, and again when I witness amazing healing accomplished the safe and natural way.  It makes my day when I see a patient begin to pursue superior health. I absolutely love to see a patient begin to take responsibility for their own health and for the health of their family.”
Dr. Goldman has been happily married to his wife, Laura and his family has grown to include 4 children: Rachel, Shauna, Gabrielle and Joshua.
When he’s not helping patients at the office he’s either hanging out at home with his wife and kids or running with his two dogs. In his free time, Dr Goldman enjoys reading, running, playing strategy board games, video games, working out and discussing philosophy. He and his family attend a local church, called Calvary Chapel, which is located in Northeast Philadelphia.
“I’m truly blessed and thankful to have the daily opportunity of providing chiropractic care and helping people of all ages achieve better health. It would be an honor and a privilege to provide you natural pain relief and to help your body heal and maintain the health you deserve.”