Tucker Chiropractic

Hip, Knee, Ankle, & Foot Problems

Hip pain can be caused by muscle strain around the hip, direct trauma (injury) to the hip joint or it may be referred pain from the joints or muscles of the spine. Chronic (long standing) hip pain may be due to “wear and tear” of the joint (osteoarthritis) or in some rare cases, a progressive inflammatory disorder. If you do have hip pain, it may be something as simple as a muscle strain or a joint with restricted movement that Chiropractic can help restore.

Knee pain may be caused by leg muscle strain or injury to the hip, knee or ankle joints. Injuries to the knee are very common in sport. The knee is under constant use and suffers from muscle strains and ligament sprains. The knee is prone to wear and tear and problems with the knee cap often occur due to muscular imbalances, posture and the biomechanics in the feet. Therefore, if someones pelvis is out of alignment they may be tilting to one extremity more, creating more mechanical pressure on that knee. However knee pain may also be caused by “referred pain” from the back, pelvis, hip and ankle.

Foot and ankle pain may result from a direct foot trauma to the joints, ligaments or muscles. Foot pain is often caused by fallen arches (flat feet), which place the feet under abnormal strain. However foot and ankle pain can also be caused by injury to the sciatic nerve, which originates in the low back, sometimes regardless of pain in the actual low back.

Hip, knee, ankle, foot pain can be debilitating as it is the foundation we walk on. Just about all musculoskeletal (joints and muscles) ailments of the hips, knees, ankles and feet can be helped by us here at Tucker Chiropractic Center. We aim to restore normal function to your joints and muscles as well as your nervous system using gentle specific adjustments to free stiff joints and remove spinal irritation. In the unlikely event that we cannot help you, we will be sure to refer you on to an appropriate medical professional.